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Domain 1 Year 2 Years 10 Years Renew Transfer Whois Privacy cPanel Access Order
.com ₹799 ₹1599 ₹7990 ₹799 ₹799 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now
.net ₹899 ₹1800 ₹8990 ₹899 ₹899 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now
.in ₹599 ₹1200 ₹5990 ₹599 ₹599 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now
.org ₹1049 ₹2100 ₹10490 ₹1049 ₹1049 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now
.net ₹899 ₹1799 ₹8990 ₹899 ₹899 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now ₹599 ₹1199 ₹5990 ₹599 ₹599 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now ₹599 ₹1199 ₹5990 ₹599 ₹599 ₹490 ₹249 Buy Now

why choose us

Pure SSD

SSD Hard Disk for faster browsing of website.

Reliable Provider

We are Verisign Certified Hosting provider since last 8 years.

Premium Span Protection

We hate spam, that's why we provide premium span protection.

Affordable Price

We respect value of money, that's why we provide quality service at affordable price.

Support Center

Our support executive is happy to help you.

Technical Service

In case any technical issue, our technical support engineer helps you.

Multiple Payment Gateway

We accept payment via multiple payment gateway, no need to worry about payment modes.

Guaranteed Uptime

With our ultrafast servers, we provide best uptime for your website.

Just what you need for a Basic Web Presence

Lightning Fast Website. Our web application accelerator, powered by Varnish Cache, ensures the maximum performance of your website at all times! cPanel for Management. cPanel, an intuitive and powerful control panel, is available on all plans which makes your hosting package management a breeze! Email included, Advanced email management features in cPanel allow you manage your emails, mailing lists and more without any hassles.

Free Website Builder & SEO Tools

We understand the need of website today, every one is not able to create his own website due to lack of programming language, that's why we are providing free website builder tool and Search engine Optimization Tools free of cost with every linux shared hosting plan. It is very easy to use and in case of any assistance, our support team is availbale for your help.

Domains FAQ

Domains usually take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours to propagate, although this process may take up to 24 hours. Before a domain propagates, you can still access your website by going to http://yourIP/~accountName where yourIP is the IP address of the server and accountName is your account name on the server. Both your server's IP address and your account name are readily available in the "Welcome" email you received when you created your account with us.!

After a domain expires, it will be available for registration by anybody. It is recommended to renew your domain as early as 90 days in advance in order to prevent a disruption is service and possible loss of your domain name. In the rare event that you do forget to renew your domain name and someone else renews it, there is very little you can do to recover it. In some cases, the new registrant may be willing to sell the domain. Alternatives to buying back a domain are to register the same under with a different TLD ( instead of

Just read the Welcome email which is send by us, and follow the instructions, in case you need any assistance, ask us. We are happy to help you.